Head Brewer – Tyler West

Tyler West has a long and celebrated brewing career. Tyler fell in love with craft beer and homebrewing shortly after moving to Bend in 2001.  While attending Central Oregon Community College, Tyler held a part-time job at the local Homebrew Store “The Brew Shop” as well as part-time in the adjacent brewery, Silver Moon Brewing.  Helping found the Central Oregon Homebrew Organization “COHO” in Bend shortly after. Tyler left a legacy for the young vibrant brew culture just starting in Central Oregon at that time.  After a few years Scrubbing floors at the brewery, Tyler was named Head Brewer in 2009 where he ended up racking up an astounding Three GABF Medals, and several more National Competition Medals during his time with Silver Moon Brewing.

In 2012, Tyler left Silver Moon for an opportunity to move to Eugene, OR and work for Oakshire Brewing as Lead Brewer, and eventually Director of Brewing Operations. Tyler worked to grow and create an exciting craft beer culture in Eugene, winning several more awards there.

In 2017, Tyler decided it was time to return to Bend and accepted a job offer here at GoodLife Brewing, where he has settled back into the Ski, Mountain Biking and Outdoor Culture he moved to Bend for in the first place!

My beer Philosophies:
“The art of Beer begins with Hard Work, Patience, and an astounding amount of Passion.  To make great beer, means surrounding myself with excellent and passionate people who share my same values.  Beer can help shape who we are through conversations and experiences, and for at least a few moments we can realize how great life is, and how achievable our dreams are shared over a couple cold pints!”

Founding Brewmaster – Curt Plants 1984-2017


Co-owner and Founder of GoodLife Brewing, Curt Plants began brewing just like many brewers, in his garage. After years of 10-gallon home brew batches he was convinced that brewing was the career for him. Curt then enrolled at the Seibel Institute of Technology, one of the nation’s most respected brewing curriculum. He completed the World Brewing Academy Concise Course in Brewing Technology and then moved on to complete the World Brewing Academy Associates in Brewing Technology at Siebel Institute of Technology. He then set out to complete the World Brewing Academy International Diploma in Brewing Technology; an International diploma program conducted at the Doemens Academy in Munich, Germany.

To accompany his technical brewing training, Curt began brewing as a lead brewer for Rogue Ales & Spirits in Newport Oregon, one of this nation’s most respected breweries led by legendary Brew-Master John Maier. While working with John, Curt was able to perfect his brewing skills and recipes all while learning from a craft beer industry founder.

During the planning stage for GoodLife Brewing, Curt helped custom design the 30-barrel brew system that we use to make our great beer. With an oversized lauter-tun, brew kettle, and cold jacketed whirlpool. Curt was able to create beer recipes that have large amounts of hop aroma and a great balance. A signature of his brewing style that is now a trademark of GoodLife’s beers. Over the next 7 years Curt won numerous medals and awards for his recipes. Curt became a local leader in the craft brewing industry.

Curt’s legacy is still felt in the brewery and can be seen in the quality of the award-winning recipe’s, the posters on the walls and the Pearl Jam playing in the brewery. While Curt is gone his passion for craft beer and his enjoyment of life, family and friends is the guiding force behind GoodLife Brewing.

“ All the Friends and family, all the memories going round, round, round. I wished for so long, how I wish for you today. “  – Long Road – Pearl Jam