Big Winter Barleywine Beer

Big Winter is 100% cold weather goodness, a big English Barleywine style ale with the robust sweetness of Dark Figs, Dates, Molasses, and the Caramel after tones from Dark Munich, Biscuit, Aromatic and Kilned Coffee Malts. Lend to its rich, deep mahogany color that makes you want to enjoy it next to a roaring fire and watch the snow pile up.

Big Winter first made it’s debut last year and sold out faster than it took you to read this sentence, so we found it fitting to bring back this crowd favorite, to help warm up our patrons who are stuck with outdoor dining while we navigate through the PNW’s current COVID mandates and restrictions.

Big Winter is a draft exclusive beer from GoodLife’s In the Wood Series and is NOW available throughout the Pacific Northwest.

ABV 10.2%

IBUs 22


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