We are excited to bring you a little bit of good news today and announce a collaborative partnership with BackDrop Distilling, located in our building, to bring sanitizer to those in the greatest need. This unique circumstance is allowing us to help our community by turning our beer waste, or “Trub,” into sanitizer. Backdrop Distilling is then providing this sanitizer to local first responders for FREE! We are very fortunate to help our local community to the best of our abilities. Following CDC Guidelines, starting today we are providing sanitizer in bulk form to St. Charles Hospital, Air Link, Bend Fire Department, and The City of Bend Police Department. Please note due to current demand for these urgent organizations, we are unable to produce enough to supply to the general public. We are working diligently to be able to hopefully provide this as a service with our beer to-go program as soon as we possibly can, if we ever can. Please continue to follow us to find out more. Thank you , everyone, for all the support and Keep Supporting GoodLife and Please give BackDrop Distilling Vodka or Gin a try as it is supporting our first responders and is also an amazing product!!! @backdropdistilling #goodlifegooddeeds