Today in the pub, we are tapping Resilience Butte County Proud IPA in collaboration with @sierranevada where 100% of the proceeds go to The Camp Fire, and it will be available for the next week or two only. One of our own GoodLife family members grew up in Paradise and was directly effected and here are a few words from our own Curtis Nelson about what brewing this beer means to him. “Growing up in Paradise, CA as a kid I remember driving by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and smelling the beer being made. It was always a point of pride in our little nook of Northern California that Sierra Nevada, one of the most respected breweries in the country, was at our doorstep. It always felt like our neighborhood brewery no matter how much the brewery grew. People there are fiercely loyal to Sierra Nevada and, in turn, the brewery has always been a loyal steward to the community. When the Camp Fire happened it absolutely devastated the entire area. Sierra Nevada stepped up and, without hesitation, the brewery spearheaded the effort to create the Resilience IPA recipe. Then they put out a call to any other breweries that could help in the effort to aid Camp Fire victims by brewing this beer. Last I checked, the number of breweries that answered the called was nearing 1,000 with 100% of the proceeds going to aid Butte County. Many of my family members lost their homes in the Camp Fire and are now displaced, but what has really struck me about the sheer devastation of this fire is how many people I have talked to that live here in Bend who either know someone or have a family member who also lost their home. This beer is about coming together and helping as many people as possible. On a personal note, I truly hope that everyone who orders this beer at whatever brewery they choose to drink it at knows that they are a part of something special. So raise your glass and toast to the speedy recovery of those affected in Northern California. This is a crazy world and we never know what could happen from minute to minute, so don’t forget to look around and give a toast to those you may be sharing a beer with. Give a toast to family and friends. Cheers to you all!”- Curtis