Aged for 14 months

In early 2018, we brewed a traditional Farmhouse Saison with 100% locally malted Mecca Grade Pilsner, Malted Rye, Unmalted Wheat, and Malted Wheat. This beer was fermented and transferred into French Pinot Noir Oak Barrels.

We pitched a unique blend of Belgian Saison yeast, Brettanomyces, and Lactobacillus then aged the beer 14 months before blending all 14 barrels back into stainless steel and prepping for packaging.

From the Brewer’s:

Tasting Notes presented some unique characteristics including an herbal and floral aroma, along with a bursting ripe fruit, pineapple-like blast.  Pale in color and dry on the palate, Reserve Saison is a true Wild Ale Experience, with classic Brett flavors and aromas such as Horsey and Barnyard “funkiness” with backend fruit.  Seasons Come and Seasons Go, just like this one of a kind GoodLife Reserve Saison!

GoodLife Saison beer 2019 Reserve

ABV 6.0%

IBUs 10


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