Pinot Beer

Barrel-Aged Pinot Noir Hybrid Ale

Pinot Beer marks the return of GoodLife Brewing’s extremely limited 500mL Bottle Series that last saw a launch in 2017 with Brett Lager.

In 2019 GoodLife Brewing Co. and Wine by Joe partnered with one another to offer a $6 mail-in rebate for consumers who purchased a bottle of wine from Wine by Joe and a 6-pack from GoodLife; Pretty much a win, win deal right? In 2020, the relationship continued to blossom between the two premier Oregon alcohol manufacturers, and during the 2020 grape harvest, Joe Dobbes Winery winemaker Andy McVay set aside 2 barrels of unfermented Pinot Noir juice that was resting on their skins for GoodLife Brewing to use.

GoodLife Brewing Company’s Head Brewer, Tyler West, then picked up the two-barrels full of unfermented grape juice, along with 12 used Pinot Noir barrels from The Dobbes Family Estate, and brought them back to GoodLife Brewing where he blended the aging grape juice that was resting on their skins with a Golden Ale that was barrel-aged for 12 months in Oregon Pinot Noir Barrels. Once blended, we refermented the hybrid ale with a fresh dose of Brettanymces and the outcome is a delightful Pinot Noir Wine Hybrid Ale that is sure to get you talking about GoodLife Brewings “In The Wood’s” series that features a well-rounded portfolio of barrel-aged exclusive beers.

ABV 8.1%

IBUs 10


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