Music and beer is still the passion of the brewery and as we enter year three of our partnership with @phillyglove and Special Sauce the connection runs deeper than ever. With the success of last years The Juice IPA and G. Love’s recent album release, The Juice, we will continue to let The Juice flow with the same tasty recipe. In conjunction with G. Love and Special Sauce touring throughout the Northwest in March, we will be releasing The Juice IPA two months earlier than normal to get the hops flowing so it’ll be hitting markets next week. This harmonious collaboration will be hitting shelves in OR, WA, ID, and PA starting next week in cans and limited kegs thru September. If you live outside of those states, our good friends @tavour will have it available for shipment to the following states: CA CO NV NM OH WI NY NE DC MA FL PA NH NJ. Follow them or check them out online for details on how to sign up to get your hands on this #ipa. Video: @rickipedia23