We here at GoodLife are outdoor enthusiasts and we love to support organizations that are outdoor themed and other local charities.  While we do receive a large number of donation requests, we try to accommodate as many as possible, but we cannot meet all demands.  Please fill out the information below, we will touch base with you shortly if your event is selected for a donation.

Please note that you must supply your organization’s valid 501(c)3 tax ID number at the time of application in order to have your request be approved.

Thank you!


GoodLife Brewing – Donation Request Form

Great! All donations must be picked up from our brewery in Bend, Oregon. Please note that when requesting a beer donation, we will not be able to provide any pouring equipment (jockey boxes, pump taps or ice buckets), you will have to provide those yourself. All beer selections will be made by GoodLife Brewing based on what we have in stock.

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GoodLife Brewing – Donation Message

We’re sorry, because of such high demand we are only able to accommodate donations in our physical area at this time. We suggest that you reach out to a brewery in your area.

However we are still interested in connecting with you:

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